Second dog wanted: Which fits best?

You have decided to take a second dog and want to prepare well? Now, the question arises, which dog fits well with your darling. It is important to note something.

Is a young or an old dog the perfect complement to your faithful friend and is there a breed that you would rather not consider? These questions are as important as justified. First to the first point.

How old should the second dog be?

The best puppy for a puppy is a second dog? Not necessarily. Anyone who has raised a puppy knows that this is a lot of work. Most of the time, a puppy has fuss in his head and brings his pranks to the puppy. That is not exactly the ideal condition for a peaceful coexistence.

In addition, dogs change significantly in their first year of life and are developmentally very different. This also does not make the education of two young dogs easier and is only to advise experienced owners. So it's best to just bring a puppy into the boat if your dog is well behaved and well behaved, and you can count on him. The dog training is much easier, if already a dog with "good behavior" is in the house, or you grow to your young dog a little older, set dog.

Which dog breeds are right for your pet?

You should preferably opt for similar breeds. Dogs of the same breed have similar play and run-down needs and about the same size. Thus, there is no danger that one is physically superior to the other. That benefits the friendship.

Nevertheless, the animals should not be too similar if they have a strong character. For this it is important to first get to know the second dog a little before or to obtain as much information as possible from his previous owner about him. If you have a dominant dog at home and bring just such a dog into the house, trouble is inevitable. Tireless battles for the rank order or a chaos team, which makes the neighborhood unsafe for two, is certainly not in your favor.

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