Athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis) - Symptoms

Almost always, the infestation is initially in the toe spaces (interdigital mycosis), especially between the small and the fourth toe. There is a pleasant climate for mushrooms - dark, narrow, sweaty and warm. The affected skin softens (maceration), is reddened, itches or burns and shivers. Often she tears painfully (rhagade). It is particularly critical that bacteria can now easily penetrate the altered skin and cause, for example, a rose.

Spread of the fungus

From the toe space, the fungus often spreads to the sole of the foot and edge, more rarely the back of the foot. There it comes to reddening and scaling of the skin, in some cases, small itchy blisters form in addition. In addition, the athlete's foot can also affect the toenails and cause nail fungus disease. Sometimes it also spreads in other parts of the body like groins or armpits. In contrast to the yeast fungus Candida albicans, however, it remains on the body surface and does not grow in the intestine.

Incidentally, the fungus can also produce the same symptoms on the hands (tinea manum), for example, in people who often have to wear gloves for work-related reasons.

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