Make ice cream for dogs themselves: delicious recipes

Even dogs are not averse to a small refreshment in the summer and love ice cream! However, human ice usually contains too much sugar for the four-legged friend. Luckily, you can easily make dog ice yourself. Natural yoghurt, cottage cheese or cottage cheese are suitable as a basis, otherwise all the ingredients that your dog likes to eat can be included.

Ice cream for dogs should be prepared in small yogurt cups or ice cube trays so that it is well proportioned. Too much of the cool treat at once, the four-legged friends do not get along so well. Diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain can be the result. Small, slightly thawed portions are not a problem and in summer heat a welcome change on the menu. Tip: If you freeze a small chewing bone as a stalk or a few treats, your dog is happy about it twice.

Fruit ice cream for dogs

Strawberries, apples, pears or bananas not only like humans but also dogs. If you want to make ice cream yourself, brush or peel the fruit and puree it. Then mix it with skinny yoghurt, quark or cottage cheese, pour the mixture into small containers and freeze overnight.

You can choose the mixing ratio according to your mood - depending on how much your animal gourmets love fruit. Make sure that the ingredients are sugar or salt free, then do not go wrong. Before you serve Bello and Waldi the fruity refreshment, the ice cream should thaw a little.

Cold liverwurst treat for four-legged friends

The following prescription may only partially affect bipeds, but dogs will love it: liverwurst ice cream! Whisk an unsweetened, unsalted dairy product with liver sausage and freeze the mix in small portions. The liverwurst ice cream can be refined with vegetables, broth or biscuits.

Dog ice cream with peanut butter

Peanut butter is also an excellent ingredient for dog ice cream. However, it should also be unsalted and unsweetened. Whipped and frozen with a little yoghurt and banana puree, the ice cream also tastes good to people. Leave something to your dog!

Vegetables and fish for animal ice cream

In addition to meat and sausage, you can also process fish to dog ice cream. But there should be no more bones in it. If you want to use tuna or other canned food, the fish should not be in oil or brine. The fish is minced, possibly enriched with vegetables and mixed with cottage cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese before it goes into the freezer.

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