Allergy and pregnancy - therapy

Hyposensitization may continue in certain cases

The only causative therapy for allergic diseases is currently called Specific Immunotherapy (SIT), also known as Hyposensitization or Allergy Vaccination. For a SIT, the substance to which the patient is allergic (the allergen) is injected regularly into the patient in increasing doses up to a maximum dose under the skin. As a result, the immune system gets used to the allergen and no longer reacts with a pathological defense reaction.

Hyposensitization: Do not start during pregnancy

According to the guidelines of the specialist societies, an already ongoing SIT, which has so far best tolerated the patient in the maximum dose, can be continued after the onset of pregnancy. In any case, a very careful review of the benefit / risk ratio should be carried out. Particularly in the presence of a vital indication, especially in the case of a severe allergy to insect venoms, a continuation of SIT is advisable in order to prevent an anaphylactic reaction after an insect bite.

By contrast, pregnant women should not be restarted with a SIT. Background: In very rare cases, an allergic shock reaction may occur. This can be treated much worse during pregnancy - mother and child are then at risk.

Hormones make your nose tight

Changes in hormone balance during pregnancy can increase allergic rhinitis. They cause the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa to expand and the mucous membrane to swell up. One in five women suffers from a stuffy nose during pregnancy, especially at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. Allergy sufferers seem to be affected a little more often. Saline solution as nasal spray or the nourishing substance dexpanthenol provides relief. In addition, help a lot of fresh air, sport and sleep with a slightly elevated upper body.

In severe cases, decongestant nose drops may be given for a short time - preferably alternately only on one side and in the lowest possible concentration. Cortisone-containing nasal sprays are another therapy option.

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