ADHD in children: more everyday tips

Ensure enough exercise

ADHD children usually have an increased urge to move - this you should try to meet in everyday life. Because children are expected to sit still in certain situations, such as eating or class, they should be allowed to move extensively in other situations.

Membership in a sports club can help

Set specific times in which your child can let off steam. Especially suitable is a phase between activities in which your child has to concentrate especially. Try to register your child in a sports club. Sport in a club can help to train the child's ability to integrate and make new social contacts.

Clear communication

Be sure to talk calmly but firmly with your child. Avoid being aggressive, shouting at the child, and giving your statements an ironic or cynical undertone. Try to work with short, clear feedback like 'stop' or 'good', which are easy to understand for the child.

If you have given an instruction, you should keep your position and not give in - this is the only way the child learns to follow clear rules. Once a conflict is resolved, you should let it rest and not burden the child with old charges at the earliest opportunity.

Stay calm

No matter what your child has just done - it is important that you try to stay calm and relaxed - even when you are inwardly desperate and with the nerves at the end. Always remember that your child does not intentionally behave like this, but that his behavior is triggered by a brain disorder.

It is particularly important for ADHD children who become more likely to offend because of their peers or teachers' behavior that they find in the family a secure support that provides them with protection, security and love. Even if it is not always easy in situations of conflict, try to always be aware of the positive qualities of your child.

Searching for help

When a child suffers from ADHD, it is often a distressing situation for the entire family. Often, parents do not really know how to deal with their child and react to certain behaviors. Here it is important that you as a parent seek help in time. Talk to a doctor and be open to therapy. Maybe you can make contact with other parents who are in a similar situation through the therapy. Alternatively, you can visit a support group and share your problems with other parents.

Since everyday life with an ADHD child can become very strenuous in the long term, you should regularly take breaks that you only use for yourself. For example, hire a homework help for an afternoon of the week so that you have some time to breathe deeply. Follow your own interests - so you can gather new strength and energy for everyday life.

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